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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords i sökresultatet

If you want to advertise on Google’s result page, your answer is Google AdWords. In the picture to the left you can see where on the result page the ads are shown. Simply put, you choose what keywords you want to appear on, how the ads will look, and where to direct traffic. You then pay per click.

Why does it need to be optimized?

Google AdWords advertising is pretty complex. The difference between a basic and poorly optimized account and a well-optimized account is huge. One reason for this is something called Quality Score, which is Google’s way of ranking the quality of the ads. Based on a scale from 1-10, Quality Score will rate how relevant your ads and landing pages are in relationship to the chosen keywords as well as how visitors respond to your ad. Someone with a Quality Score of 1 will pay ten times the amount for a click as someone with a score of 10.


Our mission is to ensure that the interaction between keywords, ad content, and landing pages are driving the maximum profitable traffic. This will lead to a better Quality Score, which means a lower cost for you.